Be like water my friend

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

This, from the quote by the famous Chinese philosopher, Laozi (604 b.c.  to 531 b.c.).  It is sometimes erroneously attributed to Confucius (551 b.c. to 479 b.c.).

Let contacting us be the first step in your 1000  mile journey to a lifetime of great fitness!  We definitely will take it as the beginning or our 1000 mile journey toward making your goal a reality!

Sun Qi Fitness is able to offer affordable classes by using a streamlined, cost effective approach to training. Our Kung Fu, and Tai Chi classes are at convenient times and locations in excellent facilities where the cost and overhead are reasonable. What you get is the fitness you want and also get to keep more of you hard earned money. We can be found at Dallas Recreation Centers, the Boys Ranch Activity Center (Bedford Recreation Center), Richardson Heights Recreation Center, Anytime Fitness Center and more! These are top rate classes with plenty of space for practicing.  Check out our reviews on Google and Facebook.

Start Any time!​ Continue for as long as you like.  You will always be learning something new.

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