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Sun Qi Fitness has partnered with a lifelong friend and doctor to develop Sun Qi Nutritionals specifically to provide "Fuel For Fitnes"for our Tai Chi and Kung Fu students, however anyone wanting to improve their physical and mental fitness will benefit from our highly nutritious products. All 5 Sun Qi Nutritionals are Sun Qi Fitness's proprietary blends. We are dedicated to a complete fitness approach. This is why we strongly believe in order to achieve fitness one must have the proper diet, exercise, rest and lifestyle habits.  Eating right is easier said than done. Processed foods, preservatives in foods,  and fast food have, unfortunately become commonplace in our society and thus have become integrated into our lifestyles. There are an endless number of choices we can make when it comes to our diets and what we put into our bodies. Making the right choices is possible, but can consume our time and this has compelled Sun Qi Fitness to find a better way.  We believe we have found a simple yet complete method to do it!  The Sun Qi Nutritionals set of 5 proprietary blends are all you need to give yourself the best chance of getting all the right nutrition for an active lifestyle.

You can find a downloadable preview of our products on on the green and grey tab below.  Ordering is easy and secure with PayPal and you can find Paypal's convenient link on the orange and yellow button below.  Sun Qi Fitness students should ask about our 10% student discount.