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Student Testimonial # 003

Improved health, stamina, energy and mental focus

I have been taking Qi-Gong Kung Fu lessons from Instructor Johnny Valenti for more than five years. The class is well structured without being too rigid, and Instructor Valenti provides clear, detailed instruction in the various techniques of Qi-Gong  energy and stamina building exercises, Kung Fu forms, and self defense moves.  There is a strong feeling of camaraderie amongst the students and with the instructor.  Instructor Valenti interjects the lessons with humorous and witty asides that make the class fun and lighthearted.  This is  a great style of martial art for increasing or maintaining fitness, flexibility, stamina, mental focus, and improving the body's immune system and energy levels.  I am much healthier than I was previously since I started taking this class on a weekly basis.  I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental well being.

​Larry Atchley Jr.

Student Testimonial # 001

Shoulder Injury

I just want to thank you, because I believe the Sun Qi Fitness class helped me avoid shoulder surgery.

My family has a tendency to get torn rotator cuffs.  I've already had one surgery, and my brother has had two. Recently, my shoulder began hurting in an all-to-familiar way, and I went to see my orthopedic surgeon.

He confirmed that I have another torn rotator and began discussing the surgery, how he would go in through the same incision to minimize scarring, etc. Then he put me through a series of strength tests, putting my arm in various positions and having me push back against his hand. The surgeon was surprised at the level of strength I had, and because of that, he said I wouldn't need surgery after all.  I left there with a prescription for pain medicine.

Besides going up and down my stairs at home, my only form of exercise is Sun Qi Fitness Tai Chi.  I knew that the class greatly improved my lung capacity, but I was amazed to learn how much these exercises can increase strength, even without weight resistance.  Kudos to you, Sun Qi Fitness!

Linda Swift, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas

Student Testimonial # 002

Arthritis; Strength / Flexibility Improvement

​I have been a student of Sun Qi Fitness for quite some time now. Without reservation, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made with regard to enhancing my quality of life. There is no question that the class instructor has showed me how to improve my ability to keep my body more flexible and viable.  I had previously suffered from shoulder pain and arthritis in my fingers...those maladies are now a thing of the past.  Even my daily stress level has come down...all these enhancements have certainly improved my quality of life.  The class instructor has a positive, enthusiastic and compassionate method of teaching that instills a "want to look good for the instructor" attitude in the students.  This is a rare quality that instructors strive for.   As a result, I feel the consequences, both mentally and physically, from the instruction.  Although I am over 80 years old, I know my mind remains realtively sharp while my body has increased in flexibility and strength... all a result of Qi Fitness Tai Chi program.  I feel great...and expect to be around for many, many more years.....Many thanks to you Sun Qi Fitness.

​Ben Greenfield, Colonel, USA (Ret.)

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